On The Go Fashion’s History


April 1983

Diane Poetker established the store named "On The Go West Coast Style" known as "On The Go". Marion Tough joined in as partner in 1984. The store was located at 2007 West 41st Avenue in Kerrisdale, Vancouver, BC, Canada. 


July 2009

 Diane Poetker and Marion Tough retired. Eve Fay HUA and Wallace ZHU took over their business. The store's legal name was changed to "On The Go Fashion Boutique Corp.”, trading name “On The Go Fashion”. Eve Fay presented in the store for daily operation and Wallace was a silent partner. 

Diane Poetker was invited to consult in the store's fashion style selection. 


June 2017

 The store was totally destroyed in a fire overnight. The business was closed. 


September 2019


The store was reestablished by Eve Fay HUA, trading as On The Go Fashion in a new business model of selling women’s apparel, providing dry-cleaning service and Mandy's Professional Alterations at a new location: 6031 West Boulevard, Vancouver, BC, Canada. 


Our Goal & Values


Each season, various stylish fashion pieces are selected with a high degree of professionalism focusing on the products’ quality, wearability, versatility and affordability. We aim to carry various women’s apparel for all occasions from casual, day to formal. We aim to provide value added services for our customers such as professional alterations and dry-cleaning. Customers’ complete satisfaction is our goal and is what On The Go Fashion valued the most.